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How to buy tickets

1- go to events page
select event_ImgID1.png
2- select your desired event
select tickets png 2.png
3- click on "select tickets" button
select area.png
4- go to the area that you want to buy it's tickets and zoom the area by clicking on + button
5- hover the mouse on the seats to check the price and click on seat icon to select it.
add to basket.png
6- now select price options and click on "add to basket" button
7- after adding tickets to basket click on checkout button
add details.png
8- in new screen fill the required details and click "continue"
guests tickets.png
9- in next step enter the ticket holders details and the copy of ticket will be sent to his/her email account.
10- in last step select your payment method and pay the tickets fees. congratulations you finished the buying process.
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