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  • what is sudatur?
    SUDATUR is a tourist service company in Istanbul city. we have luxurious and largest cruise ship in Istanbul Bosphorus. we perform events and shows while cruising on the sea.
  • Is there parking by the cruise boarding location?
    Parking varies by port location. Please review the google maps for more information. SUDATUR has no parking lot individually.
  • Where's the pier?
    Some of our ports have multiple piers – the pier location for your cruise can be found in your confirmation email or in the ticket. please review the google maps for more information about port location. BEBEK port is near the Asiyan funikuler station.
  • Where can I find my boarding time?
    your boarding time is shown on your ticket. the doors will open 90 minutes before departure time.
  • What if I’m running late for the tour?
    Our tours start right on time so that the food doesn’t get cold. When you book a tour you will receive an email confirmation from us with the meeting details for that tour. It is essential to be on time (we recommend arriving 15 minutes early) as we are unable to wait for latecomers, and you will not be able to catch up to the group. Late arrivals and no-shows are nonrefundable. This is applicable to any tour participant that fails to arrive, or arrives after a tour’s departure.
  • Are there life preservers onboard?
    Each vessel is 100% Turkey Coast Guard and Transport certified with life preservers and all required lifesaving equipment, including child life vests.
  • Are the vessels handicapped accessible?
    We do have accessible vessels in our fleet. However, not all vessels and decks are considered accessible. Please call our Contact Center at 88888 or chat with an Excursion Specialist online to ensure accessibility for the date you are planning to cruise.
  • Will I get seasick?
    Most of our guests experience no discomfort. If you tend to have a problem with motion sickness, you may experience seasickness. our ship cruises with minimum speed to give you enjoy of scenery around. we recommend that if you are prone to motion sickness, take advantage of several preventative measures that are available to you.
  • Is there a phone on the boat where guests can receive calls?
    SUDATUR does not have phones for guests to use. Most cellular services are available on the water as we do not cruise beyond one mile offshore on most of our cruises.
  • Do Your Cruises Operate In The Rain?
    Yes, our boats have enclosed areas for rainy days. All our tours operate Rain or Shine!
  • Are cameras allowed on the tour?
    Not only are they allowed, they’re encouraged! And please share your experience with us by tagging any pictures with our social media accounts! Just be aware, don't stop with your camera on the faces of other guests you don't know. Be careful that no one is offended by your filming.
  • Are there any age restrictions to cruise?
    There are no age restrictions for most of our shows. All minors require adult supervision. Please reserve tickets for your children under 6 if you want to sit beside your seat because in peak times we cant prepare separate seat for children under 6 . Cocktails , beverages and alcohols are typically 21+.
  • What is the dress code?
    Casual attire: jeans, shorts, t-shirts, Sweaters, and sneakers are appropriate. Depending on the season, we recommend bringing extra layers as it may get breezy out on the water.
  • Is smoking allowed onboard?
    Smoking is allowed on the outside decks only. we have the balcony with ash tray and seats on each floor . Please dispose of all refuse in proper receptacles. Do not throw anything into the water. Please help us keep our waters clean. Cannabis products are not allowed as we operate under turkey government regulations.
  • What is the onboard entertainment?
    SUDATUR offer dance floors and a variety of music to enjoy. Depending on the event, it may be background music, a DJ, or a live performance. Please check online or chat online with one of our Excursion Specialists for more details about the planned entertainment for your specific cruise.
  • Is seating assigned onboard?
    As you board, our Captain and Marine Crew will direct you to your deck. From there the Host/Hostess will show your party to your assigned table(s) if applicable. Decks are never guaranteed for non-private groups. We assign seats based on needs and capacity for each cruise.
  • Do you offer special options for Birthdays, Anniversaries or Special Occasions?
    We offer a variety of special enhancements to add to your dining experience. You can review these enhancements at checkout online or through online chat with an Excursion Specialist. Please ask your Excursion Specialist about our celebration packages, food enhancements, balloon or flower bouquets, and our drink packages. WILL YOU ANNOUNCE MY SPECIAL OCCASION/CELEBRATION ONBOARD? Our onboard DJ or ARTISTS does not offer guest specific announcements. We provide a general celebration announcement for birthdays, anniversaries, and special events. CAKE POLICY Guests are allowed to bring cakes. Cakes must be in a closed, covered container (e.g. cake box). No open cakes will be allowed on the premises. Cakes may not be stored in our facilities and must be kept at the guest’s table. DECORATION POLICY Small groups without private space can bring table decorations, but early boarding is not allowed. Please do not use confetti or tape any items to the walls of our vessels. ONBOARD DECORATION All SUDATUR Cruises vessels are decorated with linens, votive centerpieces, silver, and china.
  • Where can I find the menu for my cruise?
    For more information, please see date, and event type in about tour section. Once on the selected event, the menu can be found below the event details on the webpage. DO YOU OFFER VEGETARIAN OR SPECIAL MENU REQUESTS? If there are many vegetarians in your group, or if there are any vegans, please indicate this at the time of booking. If you are booking through an Excursion Specialist over the phone or through online chat, please notify the Specialist of any food allergies or other dietary restrictions at the time of booking. We can accommodate most special dietary needs with advance notice. WHEN IS FOOD SERVED? Food service for dinner events begins after departure. DO I NEED TO PRE-SELECT MY MENU BEFORE THE CRUISE? No, you do not need to pre-select your menu. Some of our cruises have multiple entrée options and we have a preset menu that you will see in event details. If you are booking through an Excursion Specialist over phone or through online chat, you can ask your for more details about your specific cruise. CAN I BRING MY OWN FOOD ONBOARD? No. Outside food is not allowed onboard. CAN I BRING MY OWN ALCOHOL ONBOARD? No. Outside alkohol is not allowed onboard.
  • Are pets allowed onboard?
    Service animals are allowed onboard. Service animals are defined as animals that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. They are working animals, not pets. Service animals must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered unless these devices interfere with the service animals’ work or the individual’s disability prevents using these devices. Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA. Pets below 5 kg are allowed in transport boxes and bags. we recommend not to bring pets to ship because loudness will upsets them and you and your neighbor tables.
  • Weapon Policy
    Weapons Policy: You may not bring explosives, firearms, illegal substances, or any articles of a dangerous or damaging nature, as determined in our sole discretion, that could be harmful to yourself or others. In necessary cases we will remove the magazine and give you the rest of the weapon.
  • Will I be full by the end of the tour?
    Most of our tours include a full meal which is enough for 99.9% of our guests to feel comfortably full by the end of the tour. Check the “Includes” section on your tour for more details on what you can expect.
  • Should I eat before the tour?
    On all our tours we start tasting almost right away. So, if you must eat before a tour, we recommend keeping it to a light snack.
  • I’m pregnant. Can you adapt the tour for me?
    Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, of course we can! Simply let us know that you’re pregnant in the “Notes” section when you book the tour, and we’ll take care of the rest (i.e. we won’t serve you cured meats, uncooked unpasteurized cheeses or alcoholic drinks).
  • Are drinks served on the tour?
    All tours offer beverages, and water is also provided at points throughout the tours.
  • What if I don’t drink alcohol? Will I still enjoy the tour?
    Of course you will! While we do highlight typical regional alcoholic drinks on our tours, drinking alcohol is not at all necessary to enjoy our tours! Simply note that you prefer not to drink alcohol when you book, and we’ll serve you non-alcoholic drinks instead. Given the curious fact that non-alcoholic drinks are sometimes more expensive than beer and wine, we don’t offer discounts for non-drinkers.
  • I’m under 18. Can I drink alcohol on the tour?
    If you are under the legal drinking age of the country you’re in, we’ll provide you with non-alcoholic drinks. Guides are not able to bend this rule, as it would be against the law and wouldn’t be fair on the law-abiding establishments we visit.
  • Are bathrooms available during the tour?
    Yes, there are several neat and clean separate toilets for men and women inside the ship.
  • How do i make a reservation?
    Your reservations may be made online, over the phone, through our online chat, and in-person at agencies. To make an online reservation, go to events page and select your desired event. (you can see the visual help on the link in bottom of website). Reservations can be made with most major credit cards. Reservations can also be made by phone at 88888888 or through our online chat. If you would like to pay in person, you can pay directly in SUDATUR office. Please note that tickets that won't payed in 24 hours will be canceled. Full payment is required at the time of reservation.
  • How do I modify my reservation?
    please call your agency or chat with our team via website chat box or send an email at address.
  • Do I have to buy my tour tickets in advance? Can I just turn up and pay in cash?
    All tour tickets must be purchased in advance through this website. We don’t allow walk-ups or cash payments on the day. You can book a tour through this website up until one hour before the tour start time. But our tours do often sell out in advance, and we’d hate you to miss out so to ensure you get the time and date you want, please book well in advance
  • What kind of events can I host onboard?
    You can host any kind of event on a City Cruises vessel! We host birthdays, weddings, office parties, anniversaries, bachelor/bachelorette parties, anniversaries, rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, and more. To request more information, visit the Private Events page.
  • Can I book a private event or charter?
    Yes, you can charter a vessel for a private event. We have a variety of packages in our fleet that are perfect for every kind of event. DO I HAVE TO BOOK THE WHOLE YACHT FOR MY EVENT? You can reserve private events on a dining or dinner cruise for your groups. For more information, visit the Private Events page.
  • How much does it cost to host a private event?
    The cost of your private event varies by the type of vessel, the kind of event you’re hosting, the size of your group, and what kind of enhancement packages you want to include. For more information on private event pricing, you can fill out the form found on the Private Events page or call our Contact Center at 8888888.
  • How do I pay for tickets?
    We accept most major credit cards for reservations of tickets. CAN I PAY WITH CASH? You may pay in cash at our office in Istanbul. you can transfer the ticket fee from bank or mobile bank app to our bank account. Please note, full payment is required at the time of reservation. DO I HAVE TO PAY IN FULL FOR MY RESERVATION? We accept reservations on an availability basis and full payment is due at the time the reservation is made. We do not hold tickets without payment.
  • Are there any discounts for children?
    Child Discounts: Children 6 to 12 may cruise at a different rate than Adults depending on event type and port location. Children under 6 cruise free in most events with no service and meal.
  • How do I redeem a gift card, coupon, or voucher?
    For online reservations, search by your event and the date you want to cruise. When prompted at checkout, enter your gift card number in the “Gift Cards” section, or enter your coupon or voucher code in the “Coupon/Voucher Code” section. All gift cards, certificates, coupons, and discount offers must be used and mentioned at the time of booking in order to be honored. Please bring your gift certificate, promotional card, or coupon with you at the time of your event and present it to the Host/Hostess on board. If you have a voucher or discount code, you can use your code during checkout on our website or checkout through online chat. CAN I USE MY GIFT CARD ONBOARD? Gift cards cannot be used for payment on board. Gift cards can be used to purchase reservations and enhancements online. Please visit the Gift Card page for more information.
  • Refunds & Cancellations
    Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable within 48 hours of your event. We do not compensate for no-shows or late arrivals.
  • My event was canceled. Will I get a refund?
    In the event your show was canceled by SUDATUR, you will receive three options sent via email and SMS text message to the number we have on file: Option 1: You may transfer to a different event date of your choosing. Please note that if you are rescheduling to a lower priced cruise, we will refund you the difference. If you are rescheduling to a higher priced cruise, payment will be required for the difference once the new date is selected. Please note, prices are subject to change based on demand and peak times. Option 2: If you are unsure of a new date when you can cruise, you may move your funds to a gift card. Gift cards never expire and can be used to book on our website. For more information on gift cards, visit the Gift Card page. Option 3: If you are unable to join us on a future date you will receive a full refund back to the original form of payment. Please allow 3-5 business days for the funds to appear in your account. Note: All 3 options are available to you via the link that was provided in the event cancellation notification.
  • What is the voucher cancellation policy?
    We do not compensate for any late arrivals or no-shows to a cruise, so please arrive in time for check in and boarding. If you need to reschedule, you have up to 48 hours prior to your cruise to change to another date, or we can release your tickets to be used in the future. Once we’re within 48 hours of a cruise, no further changes can be made.
  • Can I get an invoice for my booking?
    If you’d like an invoice, please contact us at BEFORE purchasing and we’d be happy to arrange this for you.
  • Is your booking system secure?
    Yes, always. We use a secure connection and your personal data and credit card details are encrypted. Our secure server uses ‘Secure Socket Layer’ (SSL) technology, the online industry’s standard. Our SSL certificate has been issued by Cloudflare.
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